Sign at Burbank Road – update.

The latest plan is to update our existing sign by devising a way to replace the phrase ‘We Celebrate Diversity’ with other -changeable- phrases.  The time line for the process:

Sign Timeline:
July 23- August 6: We will display pictures of the sign mock up along with a list of our submissions of phrases from
our signs. We will add any submissions which we receive from the congregation.
August 7: We will send out a copy of all the phrases via the Google group and post them on the website.
August 13: We will have a congregational meeting after the service. We will provide a printed copy of
phrases to be voted on by the members.
We will shuffle the approved phrases every two weeks. People who have additional requests can submit
them to the board at any time in compliance with their policy. Next year we propose a renewal vote, as well
as adding new proposed phrases.

For more details on this process, please see the July/August newsletter, page 4.