The UUFWC Board of Directors represents the congregation in shaping the vision and long-term goals of the fellowship. They ensure the fellowship is effective and efficient, and create policy and direction for the Executive Team and staff. We have seven members with three year staggered terms and they meet monthly.

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For matters concerning fellowship policy, long-term vision and goals, contact one of the board members shown below. For concerns or ideas on matters related to programming, contact the Executive Team.

2017 – 2018


  • Peter Schantz, president
  • John Waldman, vice president
  • Cherrill Wertz,¬†secretary


  • Adam Keating
  • David Francis
  • Kelly Chandler
  • Inez Bird
  • Tony Beery, past president

Ex-Officio Member

  • Sarah Miles, Treasurer

Executive Team

  • Rev. Dr. Elaine Strawn, minister
  • Anne Wilson, Congregational Administrator