Humanism is a philosophy that asserts (i) human life and wellbeing should be the ultimate consideration in ethics and (ii) human experience combined with reasoned thought provides the best way to achieve knowledge of the universe. As such, humanists are avowed proponents of science, literacy, and social and environmental justice. Humanists do not accept that any belief or person is beyond questioning.

The UUFWC Humanists group seeks to promote the spirit of humanist philosophy by fostering camaraderie among the area’s freethinkers and hosting regularly scheduled discussions. People of all philosophical and religious persuasions are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.



2/18/2018 – Jason Ferrell – Utilitarianism

3/4/2018 – Lowell Steinbrenner – Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

3/18/2018 – Cindie Slater – Constructive Political Discourse

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