The UUFWC Racial Justice Working Group (RJWG) invites you to join us for discussion and action against white supremacy. Throughout the summer of 2016, we will be devising small, individual actions that you can take to engage this struggle.

Wayne County Fair

For many years, the Wayne County Fair has provided a marketplace for vendors of white supremacist merchandise featuring the “Confederate flag.” Many people in our community oppose this. In October 2015, a diverse group of people concerned about racial justice in Wayne County decided that the Wayne County Fair Board must learn that residents of Wayne County do not and will not accept being associated with the vile memorabilia of racism and white supremacist slavery.

The Fair Board has refused to take any serious action on this matter, and they promise to continue approving the sale of racist merchandise. The RJWG encourages you to demonstrate your opposition to the board on this matter in the following ways.


  • Attend fair board meetings. Even if board members refuse to respond, this is a good way to show your solidarity with local people of color and to ensure that our momentum continues. The fair board meets the third Monday of every month. Meetings begin promptly at 8:00 PM, and you are encouraged to arrive at 7:45 PM to get a seat. Meetings are held at the fairgrounds in the small building on the west side of (and next to) the grandstand.
  • Send letters to the editor. Help us articulate our position. The more voices that offer support with differing points of emphasis, the more effectively we’ll communicate with the larger community. Letters to the editor of The Daily Record are limited to 400 words and can be sent to
  • Sign this petition written by Rev. Andries Coetzee of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. It will be delivered to Mr. Don Reichert, current president of the board for the Wayne County Agricultural Society (i.e., the fair board).
  • Register as a member of the fair. For $15.00, you get 6 tickets, the option to vote in board elections, and the ability to enter arts, crafts, baked goods, etc. in the fair. Please register and plan on entering artwork that is antiracist, antioppression, or otherwise prosocial in nature. Just follow these steps:
    1. Print an Entry Form (also available at the Fellowship).
    2. Fill out your name, address, city, zip, county, and phone number.
    3. For each category of item you wish to enter, fill out a department, section, class, name, and fee (if any). Some notes on this:
      • Consult the 2016 Premium Book to learn about the different arts and crafts you can enter (along with departments, etc., thereof).
      • The Premium Book also lists the rules for each category; please review them before creating your entry.
      • The Premium Book also lists the date that your entries are due at the fairgrounds.
      • You can enter as many categories as you like. It is best to include as many categories as you think you might like to enter.
      • Even if you are not a skilled artist, consider that winning the competition is not necessarily the goal.
    4. “Postage & Handling” costs $1.00.
    5. “Membership/Season Pass” costs $15.00.
    6. At the bottom: print your name, sign, and date. If you are under 18, have a parent or guardian do this.
    7. Write a check or obtain a money order payable to “Wayne County Fair”.
    8. Mail payment to Wayne County Fair, PO Box 3, Wooster, OH, 44691-0003.


Other websites

  • Justice & Harmony: A website maintained by Barry Romich. A number of primary documents, and links to several publications from the Daily Record.
  • Wayne County Fair: A website devoted to chronicling the Wayne County Fair controversy. Comprehensive list of Daily Record publications.