A Celebration of Commitment: Membership Sunday and Dedication of Children

It is a joy to welcome new members, to celebrate long-term members, and especially to welcome new life among us.  If you are considering membership, please talk with our minister, Elaine Strawn. And if you would like to bring your child for a UU Dedication, Elaine says, “Let’s talk.”  Unitarian Universalists “dedicate” their children to … Continued


Please join us as we celebrate the arrival of Spring with the ancient Celtic fire festival of Beltane! Traditionally held on May 1st, Beltane is the jubilant honoring of all that is life: the Earth bursting forth in all of it’s fullness, the closeness of community, and the releasing of the past to embrace the hopes … Continued

Flower Communion

Each year, we bring a flower from our yards or the roadways to create a beautiful bouquet-as unique and multifaceted as our congregation.  Rev. Norbert Capek began this UU tradition in war-torn Czechoslovakia more than 60 years ago.


Growing Along the Road – Celebrate Religious Education

Note this is the start of our summer schedule- one service at 10 am. At the end of the year, the RE facilitators and children share what they have learned. The Annual Meeting is exciting this year! So grab a wrap from the fundraiser for the Coming Age Class and join our Vision Architect at … Continued