Blessed Births

This morning, the 9:30 service will portray three wondrous births:  Confucius, the Buddha, and Jesus in pageant form. The 11:00 service will simply focus on their stories.  


Blue Christmas

At 4 pm, there will be a Blue Christmas Service with Rev. Strawn and Steve Cook, CLM We gather for readings, reflection and sharing. Not everyone looks forward to Christmas; maybe a death in the family or a crisis in your life, maybe just fatigue with the holiday stress. This is a reflective service of support and … Continued

The Wonder of Christmas

at 10 am.  Every year, the season revives us with light and memories and hope. There are no RE classes, but the nursery will be open.

Candlelight Christmas Eve service

At 7pm:  This will be our traditional service with readings and stories and carols.  You are welcome to bring some of those extra Christmas cookies for sharing after the service. There will be non-alcoholic Wassail after the service.

Welcoming in New Hopes for 2018

At 10 am, we will remember Janus-whose face looks both to the past and to the future. If you would like to, please bring an item to share as we join a light brunch following the service.